Boosters are our heroes!

Who is a booster? Individuals, families, and groups who voluntarily give Show-Me permission to “let them know when we’re running low” or have a special, unbudgeted need. As a member of the “Come Thru Crew,” Boosters go above and beyond to support the children who call Show-Me “home.”

Boosters stand in the gap as a faithful source of stability for the ministry of Show-Me Christian Youth Home.

〉 As a Booster, Show-Me will contact you when we need a “Boost.” We’ll send you a letter explaining the need, along with a convenient return envelope

〉 A Booster will, first, pray for the children and staff and the current need. Boosters also agree to send a gift of at least $10 at their earliest convenience.

〉 We will not contact you more than four times each year and we will remove your name at your request, without any questions asked.

If you would like be a part of our “Come Thru Crew’, fill out the form below, and we will contact you the next time a need arises.

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