Each child has their own story to tell.

Hear, in their own words, how coming to Show-Me Christian Youth Home has forever impacted their story. Hear how they have been rescued and restored through Christ’s love and the love shown to them through the staff and supporters of Show-Me.

Read Their Stories…

Learn of the struggles these children faced and how Show-Me Christian Youth Home turned their lives around, not only to change their life, but the generations that will follow.


Aaron’s Story

“Before [Show Me], I felt I was not worth much because I couldn’t do anything: I was 15, had no skills, except being able to play video games. Now, I had people who cared and wanted to invest in me…for ME. They challenged me and taught me how to be a man.”

Jon McCullem

Jon’s Story

“Show-Me is an arm of God’s grace. It was a big influence that helped steer me to the successful life I have now. I am merely one instance of how your efforts have helped change lives.”

Kayla’s Story

“Show-Me was the first time I felt successful. The school allowed me to feel in control of my life and my future. I set my pace and could still do my own thing, but with their structure, I found success. ”

Shambrishia’s Story

“Not only did Show Me allow me to be a part of the Show -Me family, they also gave me a loving, caring, patient, understanding family to call my own.”

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