What is Leadership U?

Participants have unique on-the-job learning opportunity to become the leader and caregiver that their animal requires them to be. They will understand, first hand, in the raising of their animals, the importance of key life principles, and apply these skills in both their personal and spiritual lives. The program sets specific individual goals based on four fundamental principles.

Four Pillars of Leadership U


Building a strong work ethic while learning the importance of humility and being dependable.

  • Caring for basic needs (feeding, grooming, & health)
  • Cleaning & equipment upkeep
  • Helping at home
  • Volunteering & work projects


Learning basic information and skills in which to build a strong foundation of growth in these areas:

  • Horsemanship
  • Animal Training Skills
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Apologetics


Developing faith and trust in their ability to identify and overcome challenges.

  • Overcoming obstacles in training
  • Accomplishing challenging riding tasks
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Mentoring & teaching


Demonstrating the ability to make appropriate decisions when faced with new or unforeseen circumstances

  • Handling of animals
  • Working cattle
  • Handling relationships
  • Problem Solving

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