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20th Annual Culler Memorial Basketball TournamentTeam

Leading One Relationship at a Time

Celebrating the Smith Family's Ministry Nathan and Belinda Smith's fingerprints can be found in nearly every corner of Show-Me Christian Youth Home. In ten years, they have served in the roles of relief houseparents, Leadership U Coordinator, coach, teacher, 4-H sponsor, missions team leader, photographer,

From Questions to Trust

Finding the Greatest Gift in the Darkest Moments What is the next step in your life? What do you want to do for a career? Unanswered questions are nothing new to Luke Porter. His life has been full of them. "You Will Never Amount to

The Rescued become the Rescuers

Answering the Call to 'Rescue and Restore' Police officer. Houseparent. Nurse. Firefighter. It takes a certain kind of person to be a rescuer. When others flee danger, the rescuer runs toward it. They deal with people at their worst and must make life-and-death decisions. They face

More than an Education

From Trying to Survive to Learning to Thrive “If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress.” David Rockefeller’s words encompass the attitude, history, and future of the Show-Me Christian School (SMCS). It began in the basement of house #4 as

A Bridge to Break the Cycle

Celebrating 10 Years of the Path to Purpose Program Early on as Director, I wanted to address the one question that always made me uncomfortable: "What happens to a child after they graduate?" I knew that Show-Me excelled at giving children a solid, stable home

Thank You Song

Thank You! Composed and written by Taija, a child growing up at Show-Me Christian Youth Home I was only two, not knowing what to do Until you came and helped me through I didn’t know I wasn’t gonna get to see my parents

Winning Life’s Lottery

  “Show-Me was like winning the lottery,” Tristian Wieboldt explained. “Out of the hundreds of kids that apply [to Show-Me], only a few are lucky enough to be chosen. Most people hope for a second chance at life; I was blessed to have a

Where Love Grows: a Tribute to Karen Culler (1947-2022)

Karen Culler's legacy is not one of perfection; it is of faithfulness. Through many trials and challenges, she prayed, rolled up her sleeves and went to work - uncertain of God’s plan, but confident in His calling. “I learned to trust God each step of

Overcoming Obstacles in the Arena and in Life

“She’s a stubborn, bad horse!” a new Leadership U student muttered as he sat anxiously on his horse with tears in his eyes. “She won’t listen. I quit!” Riding up, fifteen-year-old James,* encourages the new rider saying, “Don’t give up, you can do this. Yelling

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