What kind of children live at Show-Me?

We will consider children  for possible placement as long as they are “safe” (not a threat to themselves or others).

  • Boys & Girls (Birth through 15 years)*
  • Parent-child or sibling conflict 
  • Minor offenses with juvenile courts 
  • Teens with education or social needs
  • A child needing a new environment to thrive

*Older children will also need to demonstrate a willingness to give the program a chance.

Children are considered on a case by case basis, as individual levels of needs are assessed by our Children Services Department.

Left with difficult decisions…

All families struggle at some point. But when unfortunate circumstances become overwhelming, children are often left vulnerable and parents struggle to find the help they need. It is easy to feel helpless when the situation gets to the point that living at home or with another family member is no longer the best environment for your child and you worry:

  • Your resources for help are exhausted 
  • The State may take custody of your child 
  • Your child will not have the best option for a healthy and productive future

…there is hope beyond the struggle

Show-Me is an alternative to state-based foster care. For nearly 50 years, families continue to turn to us for relief, resulting from many different kinds of  trauma, to find hope and the chance to renew their family. Children find a safe, stable, loving home and family with layers of support geared toward their current and future success. 

At Show-Me, you have options

  • Long-term or short-term placement 
  • For sibling groups to remain together 
  • To remain an active part of your child’s life

We want to help you:

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Start a Conversation

Our Children’s Services office can answer your question and walk you through the placement process. Fill out the form below to answer some initial questions.

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Come Visit

See for yourself if Show-Me is the right option. Call 660-347-5982 to schedule a visit.

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Research More

Click through our website to learn more about the programs available for youth.

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Rest Assured

If we cannot help, we refer you to other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

You are not required to pay anything to have your child receive help at Show-Me.  All expenses are 100% privately funded by donors who want to ensure there is ALWAYS a place for the children who need it.

How can these services be free (what is the catch)?

No catch, Show-Me is simply the result of faith in action. We know many families are caught in a crisis they never expected. In order that the children don’t become additional casualties, we are compelled by Christ to provide a place to rescue and restore these young lives.

Can I visit?

Yes! We want any family member who is a healthy influence to have the opportunity to maintain contact with the child at Show-Me as outlined in our visitation guidelines.

How long can my child stay?

Many of the children placed will “grow up” here because their families believe this is the best place for them to find success. We are committed to prepare them for the adult phase of their lives, and support them as they make that transition.

What is the custody arrangement?

Show-Me does NOT take legal custody of the children in our placement. We have a notarized Power of Attorney agreement (Temporary Delegation of Powers) with the parent/guardian only to allow us to care for the needs of the child. 

Child Placement Form

To take the first step in gaining help for a child in your life, we encourage you to call our office and speak to someone in our Children’s Services Department at (660) 347-5982. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00.

If you would like us to contact you about placing a child in Show-Me Christian Youth Home, please fill out the form below. We will call you at our earliest convenience.

  • Please enter the phone number where you can be reached during business hours.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 16.

Comparison of Child Placement Options

Show-Me State Private
Care Options
Cost of Care (Family Responsibility) $0 $0 $100-$250 per day*
Short-term options (60 days or less) Possible Yes Yes
Long-term options (60+ days) Yes Yes Yes
Who decides how long my child will stay? Legal Guardian State Doctor or insurance company
Type of living arrangement Family Setting Foster Care or Dorm Setting Dormitory setting
Professional-trained staff (primary care provider for child) Yes No Maybe**
Legal Guardian’s Right to the Child
Has legal right to make final decision for child in care Yes No Maybe**
Has a voice in the care options and treatment Yes No Maybe**
Process to have child return home to family Re-unification plan Court Hearing*** Varies by Agency**
Visitation rights and ability to have communication Yes Determined by State Maybe**
Services Provided (at no additional cost to you)
Professional Counseling Yes Yes Maybe**
Individualized Education option through Private School Yes No Maybe**
Programs to develop life skills & leadership abilities Yes No Maybe**
Continued assistance for transition to adulthood Yes No Maybe**
Faith and values Yes No Maybe**
*Costs may be subsidized by private insurance
**Varies by individual agency based on reason for placement
***Court hearing determined by judge based on case worker’s findings